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Ju Jitsu Australia Dojos was established on 8th August 1998. 

Soke Joe is one of the co founders of Jujitsu Instructors Alliance founded in 1998 and  who oversee Instructors Dan level gradings, gives recognition to instructors and approves  teaching criteria and teaching practices.

All instructors and assistant instructors are holders of the “Working with Children Check Card” as issued by the Department of Justice Victoria.

Ju Jitsu Australia Dojos offers a 10 level belt system, based on the fundamental teachings and techniques of traditional Ju Jitsu. All classes are taught by fully recognised Black Belt Instructors using a structured syllabus.  Ju Jitsu Australia Dojos also prides its self on using and maintaining safe training methods.

Soke Joe Varvello, Founder and Principal Instructor has over 30 years dedication and teaching experience in the martial art of Ju Jitsu.  He commenced his martial arts training in 1975 in the art of Karate.  From 1976 he furthered his knowledge in the martial arts by training in in the art of Ju jitsu under Shihan Wayne Brabham (who himself training under Hanshi Matthew Komp).  As the years progressed, Joe has developed a passion for the art of Ju jitsu and the fundamentals of its teachings.
Ju Jitsu Australia Dojos has been renowned as a family club with Soke Joe and his wife Shihan Ann (who has been training since 1992) assisting in the teaching of classes.

Soke Joe has trained with some of the great Masters of Australia and Internationally including:
– The late Shihan Jan De Yong

– Kancho Barry Bradshaw (Australia).
– Professor Don Jacob (Don Jitsu Ryu, Purple Dragon Trinidad)
– Professor Wally Jay (Small Circle Jujitsu, USA)

Professor Wally Jay also presented Soke Joe with the “OHANA AWARD” Certificate of Recognition issued from Jujitsu America on August 7, 1993.