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Come along and learn Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do here in Melbourne at BTB Martial Arts & Fitness Centre.
Jeet Kune Do, Cantonese for ‘Way of the Intercepting Fist’ is the martial art created by Bruce Lee suited for modern self-defence and personal development.
Your journey…

begins whenever you want it to

Here at the Tsunami Combat Club – Jeet Kune Do, we offer instruction into Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do as he practiced it up until his passing.

In the initial stages of Jeet Kune Do’s development, Bruce Lee drew considerable inspiration from his own experiences in Chinese Gung Fu and used this as the platform for his new fighting system.

However, Bruce Lee through numerous physical confrontations and research concluded that a ‘real fight’ was unpredictable and that most classical styles (including Gung Fu) were too focused on choreographic training often relying on predetermined routines and patterns to inadequately recreate the chaotic nature of real combat.

Bruce Lee famously quoted “I mean, unless human beings have 3 arms and 3 legs, then we will have a different way of fighting. But basically we all have two arms and two legs so that is why I believe there should be only one way of fighting and that is no way”. As a result of this ideology, Bruce Lee broke away from traditional martial arts and determined that the most efficient style was the ‘human style’, a method of fighting comprised of techniques he viewed as being most suited for the human body through research in biomechanics, physics and kinesiology. A style he would describe as “simple, direct and non-classical”

 The result…
Bruce Lee’s relentless study, resilience and perseverance against strong opposition in the martial arts community lead to the creation of a style which consisted of Fencing, Boxing, Wing Chun, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.
The delivery…
Jeet Kune Do seeks to end the confrontation as quickly as possible primarily through striking techniques and places an emphasis on footwork and evasion in order to hit without being hit whilst deflecting, trapping and grappling in order to strike are viewed as supplementary.
Our journey…
Jeet Kune Do for many years following Bruce Lee’s death was interpreted and promoted as the concept of cross training or formulating your own blend of styles. This misinterpretation resulted in much confusion about whether or not Jeet Kune Do is a system.
Jeet Kune Do is a system, developed by Bruce Lee up until his passing and it is our journey at the Tsunami Combat Club – Jeet Kune Do to preserve Jeet Kune Do in its final form as Bruce Lee envisioned it.
Our instructors draw lineage to Bruce Lee himself through Mark Stewart (founder of the Boxer Rebellion International Jeet Kune Do), who trained extensively and received written authorisation to carry on Jeet Kune Do under Ted Wong. Ted Wong, a founding member of the Bruce Lee Foundation was considered Bruce Lee’s close friend, training partner and protégé that sought to preserve Jeet Kune Do in its most pure and finishing stages.

At the Tsunami Combat Club – Jeet Kune Do we provide individuals an opportunity to train, get active and learn the Martial Arts the way Bruce Lee envisioned it.
All instructors are certified under Mark Stewart who heads the Boxer Rebellion International Jeet Kune Do School. Mark Stewart has practiced Martial Arts over 44 years and has spent several of those years training under notable Bruce Lee students such as Dan Inosanto, Ted Lucaylucay and finally, Ted Wong.
Mark Stewart has travelled the world teaching members of the public and law enforcement/military agencies such as the FBI and members of the U.S Navy Seals.
The Tsunami Combat Club – Jeet Kune Do instructors have all demonstrated dedication, a willingness to learn and many hours training under Mark Stewart to ensure the Jeet Kune Do they offer is an authentic representation of what
Bruce Lee had developed.
Join us and learn Jeet Kune Do in a safe, fun and friendly environment where making mistakes and looking silly in front of each other is valued just as much as perfecting that right cross or left side kick.
· Show respect to others
· Show respect to the training facility and equipment
· Take care of your training partners
· Ask questions
· Leave your ego/emotions at the door
· Train safely and responsibly
· Don’t give up
· No shoes on the mat
· Laugh, smile and have fun
“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done”
~ Bruce Lee
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