Fitness KickBoxing

It’s a licence to Kick Butt

Fitness KickBoxing is the ultimate cardiovascular workout incorporating pad work/impact while using
real self
defence techniques.

With the introduction of punching bags, floor to ceiling balls and speed balls there’s even more reason why Fitness KickBoxing is packed with punch.

Fitness KickBoxing gives you a great insight into resistance training

Key Benefits

  • You’ll reshape and tone your thighs, buttocks and hips
  • You’ll reshape and tone your chest and arms
  • You’ll also give your heart a great workout at the same time

In a society rife with stress and anxiety Fitness KickBoxing’s approach to health and well being encompasses the mind as well as the body.  Punch those pads and kick the shields and feel the stress and tension of the day just melt away.

With today’s busy lifestyle it is so important to look after, not only, your physical wellbeing but your mental health and wellbeing as well.

Why not give Fitness KickBoxing a try

 – you’ll be amazed with the results!