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CKD is a simple and effective system based on human movement and psychology using Filipino Martial Art techniques.

The movements were then assessed by a Human Movement / Exercise rehabilitation Doctorate candidate of Victoria University. The criteria of techniques is twofold; passive response for Law Enforcement & Security Officers or Aggressive for Military or civilians in a life threatening scenario. The natural movements are quick to apply and easily retained.

CKD is a survival system rather than cultural art.

CKD is trialled by Victoria Police Western Division (Gerry Rudkins) for work alone officers & Personnel of Department of Justice for reduction of workplace injuries. Hugh Doherty has successfully completed a post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Hazard Management and recently, Diplomas in Fitness, Sport Coaching & Sport Development. He has been employed internationally and in Australia for close personal protection and security for private entities and Government. He is an advisor on edged weapons for “Group Phoenix”, a  co director for Oceanic Bodyguard Federation and Representative for the International Bodyguard Federation based in Kiev.

In over 30 years in FMA, Hugh holds the Rank of Lakan Siyam in both Kombatan ~ Arnis de Mano & Birada and a Military Instructor in both Tri V and co designer with Rod Bradley of South Africa (Police, Military & Secret Service) in Quantum Force modules and further  represented Australia in Arnis at the World Invitational Tournament in 2005.Hugh pioneered the styles Kombatan, Birada, Pekiti Tirsia and Dekiti Tirsia Serrada in Australia and was the first non indigenous person inducted into the Hall of Fame for the year 2005 by the International Philippine Escrima Arnis de mano Confederation.

Shihan Hugh Doherty commenced Ju Jitsu in 1978 with the founding presidents of AJJA, Wayne and Dale Brabham.  After 30 years upon examination, 6th Dan Goshin Jutsu was presented to Hugh Doherty, the highest grade achievable in the Yawara System.  He was also presented Menkyo Kaiden and he is the only holder of this achievement.

He holds the title of Renshi – Godan 5th Degree Myoshin Ryu Aiki-Jutsu, Menkyo Chudan.

He was inducted in the Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Budoka of the Year, Ji Jitsu and Kobudo.  He was also inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, following IPEAC Hall of Fame in 2005.

Hugh was the Chief Instructor for Kombatan FMA in 1999 -2005 after years of Modern Arnis, Doce pares training.He has trained in Pekiti Tirsia directly under Leo Gaje earning the Qualification in Military Tri V formula Instructor and “Pit Bull Charter”. He has trained in Dekiti Tirsia Serrada with both Tortals, further training in Tapado and Arnis de Cuerdas.Upon Resignation of IPMAF Hugh joined as a director of IPEAC. His rank in Kombatan ~ Arnis de Mano in 9th Degree and Punong Pasantis 9th Degree in Birada system. His own stye “Combat Kali & Dumog” is a production of FMA experience. Hugh has competed with success Nationally and Internationally and his students have become World Champions in competitions.

Hugh has trained several times in Thailand with Nongkee Gym with Pramote Hoimook. In Burma with Winzinoo and acted as mediator for Japan versues Burma in 2004 in Rangoon.

Hugh acts as a consultant for both Victorian and West Australian Goverments in MMA rules, judging and officiating matches.

CKD is effective in today’s environment as it is based on science & experience rather than opinion which results in confidence for social and professional life.

* Group Phoenix is an advisory group to security groups globally

Protect yourself from attack!

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